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Commodity:A4 2*5 Card Punch Machine
(01) Used for punching laminated plastic sheets, to produce plastic cards.
(02) Designed for small card factories.
(03) Suitable materials: PVC, ABS, PC, PET, PETG, Card sticker, fr...
Commodity:A4 2*5 Card Punch Machine
Introduction:Used for punching plastic sheets to produce plastic cards. 用于冲切层压后的塑料片材,生产塑料卡,也可用于冲切PET卡贴。 ● 专为小型卡厂设计。 ● 适用冲切材质:PVC、Teslin、PET、ABS、卡贴、磁性冰箱贴等。 ● 适用塑料片材尺寸:A4 210×297mm左右。 ● 适用卡片排版版式:2×5版式。 ● 冲切出...
Commodity:A4 2*5 Card Punch Machine
Introduction:Card Punch Machine YCK-2AM 2×5 is specially designed for small card factory. It is featured in manual feeding, mechanical locating and accurate moving distance. The punch mould is motivated wi...
Commodity:A4 2*5 High Speed Card Punch Machine
Introduction:Controlled through PLC by Japanese Omron, it adopts LC industry touch screen of WeinView MT6056i by Taiwan. The material feed system adopts the servo motor by Japanese YASKAWA, high-precise ball screw...
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